Filing Suit for ‘Wrongful Life’

Gerald and Elaine Greenberg married in 1976, as dental students. They practiced on Long Island and in Manhattan and raised two sons. Then in 2010, she noticed that her husband, the math whiz, was having trouble calculating tips in restaurants. “He just didn’t seem as sharp,” she said. The devastating diagnosis from a neurologist: early-onset… Continue reading Filing Suit for ‘Wrongful Life’

Court Rules Women’s Medical Malpractice Claims Are Genuine

Plaintiff Patricia Marble and her husband filed the action against defendant Amedisys, a national provider of hospice services, after becoming suspicious that Marble had lived for five years in hospice care…, Massachusetts Superior Court Says Woman’s Medical Malpractice Claims Can Proceed, Elizabeth Blosfield  2021 Summary judgment records indicated not only that Marble was overmedicated with… Continue reading Court Rules Women’s Medical Malpractice Claims Are Genuine

I’m Vaccinated – Now What?

Visits between fully vaccinated people Indoor visits between fully vaccinated people who do not wear masks or physically distance from one another are likely low risk. For example, if you are fully vaccinated, it is likely a low risk for you to invite other fully vaccinated friends to dinner inside your private residence…, Interim… Continue reading I’m Vaccinated – Now What?

How To Master The Vaccine-Appointment Website

Expert Witnesss Blog – Five strategies to increase the chances of getting a free shot for yourself or someone you care about