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Tag: Holmes Regional

Spinal Injury Negligence Leads To $15.5 Million Verdict

Neurosurgeon Mark A. Fulton, MD, failed to diagnose and subsequently treat an injury that resulted in permanent paralysis,
said the jury in a verdict that came after a monthlong trial in a Brevard County, Florida, circuit court…, Spinal Injury Diagnosis, Repair ‘Negligence’ Ends in $15.5 Million Verdict, Alicia Ault, Aug, 2022

Highest Ever $10M Verdict For Dental Malpractice Case

DeKalb County State Court jury awarded record-setting $10 million dental medical-malpractice verdict to patient Ms. Crawford who was permanently injured during root canal procedure…, $10M Awarded in Ga.: Litigators Secure ‘Highest Verdict’ for Dental Malpractice, Cedra Mayfield, August 2022

$15.5M Jury Verdict for Paralyzed Victim

Plaintiff Jean Magloire and his wife sued defendants Health First Inc., its subsidiary Holmes Regional Medical Center and two of its doctors, Mark Fulton and Jared Thomas for lack of care…, Miami Attorneys Land $15.5M Jury Verdict for Paralyzed Victim, Michael A Mora, Aug 2022

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