Florida Jury Rejects Suit Against Anesthesiologist Over Aspiration Event

On Jan. 30, 2018, plaintiff Jeffrey Fenuccio, 51, an electrician, underwent a colonoscopy. Before the procedure had begun, a certified registered nurse anesthetist administered an anesthetic. An anesthesiologist, Dr. Robert Statfeld, supervised the nurse. Statfeld departed after the anesthetic had been administered, and he did not return. While the colonoscopy was being performed, the nurse administered further doses of the anesthetic….law.com, Florida Jury Rejects Suit Against Anesthesiologist Over Response to Aspiration Event, Melissa Siegel, 2021

$6.5 Million in Medical Malpractice Suit for Lack of Proper Medical Care

Staib’s spouse, Sergio Orosito, who is the personal representative of the estate and the parent of children Noah Orosito-Staib and Sebastain Orosito-Staib, brought suit. The 15-count complaint alleged physicians Hassan, Venzon, Ailani and Zacharis allegedly failed to take proper care of Staib…law.com, Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm Partners Win Nearly $6.5 Million in Medical Malpractice Suit, Jasmine Floyd, 2021

Man Has Prostate Removed After Mistaken Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating and launch a roller coaster of emotions. While we count on doctors for answers, sometimes the need for a second opinion is overlooked…philadelphia.cbslocal.com,‘Most Egregious Story I’ve Ever Heard’: Local Man Has Prostate Removed After Mistaken Cancer Diagnosis, Stephanie Stahl, 2021

$1.95M Settlement for Estate of Man Who Died From Prescription Drug Overdose

A doctor’s records, a medical expert who deciphered those records, and past disciplinary action against that doctor all played a role in leading to a $1.95 million settlement for the family of a 29-year-old man who died of a prescription drug overdose……law.com, How Plaintiffs Counsel Secured $1.95M Settlement for Estate of Man Who Died From Prescription Drug Overdose, Robert Storace, 2021

Prior Arbitration Clause Not Binding To Pursue Med Mal Case

No,” wrote Presiding Judge Stephen Dillard in upholding a DeKalb County judge who reached the same conclusion, allowing a medical malpractice action against Emory Healthcare and several doctors to proceed…..law.com, Prior Arbitration Clause Can’t Bind Emory Patient in New Med-Mal Case, Greg Land, 2021

Baby’s Death Due to Placental Injury, Not Medical Negligence

Jimenez, on behalf of her son, sued the owner of the hospital, Northeastern Pennsylvania Health Corp. Jimenez alleged that the defendants failed in their standard of care toward Giovannie. She further alleged that their failure constituted medical malpractice….law.com, Baby’s Death Due to Placental Injury, Not Negligence, 2021

Rare Dual Med Mal and Products Liability Case Gets A Mixed Ruling

The Connecticut Appellate Court has issued a mixed ruling, affirming a $1 million jury verdict for a woman who suffered burns to her left foot and several toes after a heat lamp came in contact with her during an acupuncture treatment. But the court let stand the liability on the products liability side against Health Body World Supply Inc., maker of The Miracle Lamp, which is a heat lamp…law.com, Connecticut Appellate Court Issues Mixed Ruling in Rare Dual MedMal, Products Liability Case, Robert Storace, 2021

$37.6 Million Award in Med Mal Case Against University of Connecticut

The jury found the health center negligent in the January 2015 death of Shay Monroe-Lynch and the current birth defects of her brother, Joshua….law.com, Judge Awards $37.6 Million in Med Mal Case Against University of Connecticut Health Center, Robert Storace, 2021

$4.1M Medical Malpractice Verdict Awarded For Negligent Surgery

Negligent surgery resulted in a corneal abrasion and permanent corneal scar and impacted the vision in the boy’s left eye when he was 17 months old…https://www.messalaw.com, $4.1M Medical Malpractice Verdict Awarded to Family of Child Permanently Injured by Negligent Surgery at CHOP, Joe Messa, 2021

Defense Verdict: No Correlation Between Alopecia Areata and Lymphoma

In November 2014, Smith began treating with Hutchins Rosin for alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that was causing hair loss on his face..law.com, Defense: No Correlation Between Alopecia Areata and Lymphoma, verdictsearch, 2021