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Tag: North Carolina

Future Wages Claim For Infant Who Died From Malpractice Too Speculative

The decedent child was born at the defendant hospital on June 12, 2014. He allegedly had visible vesicles (fluid-filled sacs or blisters) on his skin. The plaintiff alleged that the defendants should have recognized that the vesicles were signs of disseminated herpes simplex virus infection. After the child was discharged from the hospital shortly after birth, the plaintiff returned to the hospital with the child on June 15, 2014. At that time, the child was diagnosed with disseminated herpes and transferred to Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Unfortunately, treatment was unsuccessful and he died on June 28, 2014…, Michigan Appellate Court Holds Future Wages Claim For Infant Who Died From Malpractice Too Speculative, May 2023

$1.36M Verdict For Death Following Colonoscopy

The man’s widow and two adult sons filed their North Carolina medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuit in which they alleged that the CRNA failed to recognize and effectively resolve an airway obstruction. The man was at greater risk for an airway obstruction due to his BMI, obstructive sleep apnea, and his large tongue…, $1.36M North Carolina Medical Malpractice Verdict For Death Following Colonoscopy, May 2023

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