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Tag: Pandemic

Jury Awards $3M Verdict For A Missed Liver Cancer Diagnosis

Lonnie Kersey was a 67-year-old amputee with a history of blood transfusions and abnormal liver function at the time of his death in 2018…, Jury Awards $3M Med Mal Verdict to Widow of Phila. Man Who Died From Cancer, P.J. D’Annunzio, 2021

Where Are All The Medical Malpractice Claims?

A variety of factors create a cloud of uncertainty around when, if ever, we will see the claims we expected from care provided just before the pandemic, much less claims deriving from care during the pandemic of both COVID-19 and non–COVID-19 patients…, Malpractice Claims During COVID-19: More Questions Than Answers, Robert E. White Jr, 2021

Attorney Cites the Pandemic’s Unpredictability to Help Win a Med Mal Defense Verdict

Even with the best conditions and treatment, circumstances—especially those involving medical care and the human body—can sometimes take a turn for the worst. That was the message an attorney for Einstein Medical Center was trying toget across to a Pennsylvania jury as he defended the hospital system against claims that one of its patients received improper post-operative care following a risky procedure to address the patient’s pancreatic cancer…, ‘We Can’t Control Everything’: This Attorney Used the Pandemic’s Unpredictability to Help Win a MedMal Defense Verdict, Max Mitchell, 2021.

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